Restaurant Public Relations

restaurant public relations

Whether it’s a multi-national chain or a family-owned restaurant, everyone has a story to tell. As experts in restaurant public relations, the Belle team works with you to connect the right story to your target audience at the right time, creating lasting and measurable impact for your business.

We look beyond traditional metrics and build a customized strategy based on your unique business goals and customers. We pride ourselves on our ability to think BIG and constantly innovate. Our approach combines traditional media relations with the most popular social media channels, digital marketing tools and influencers to develop creative campaigns that get people talking.

Our Services

  • Restaurant public relations and digital marketing strategy
  • Executive thought leadership
  • National & trade thought leadership
  • Local/Regional media outreach
  • Influencer activation and ambassador programs
  • Restaurant launches and grand openings
  • Social media strategy and implementation

Case Study: Award-Winning PR Campaign with Sbarro

Case Study: 900%+ Increase in Facebook Engagement for Growing Restaurant Chain

Brand Experience

Below is a sampling of some of the restaurant brands with which our team has worked.

restaurant public relations

Restaurant Grand Opening PR Package

Launching a new concept or expanding to a new location? We’ve developed a complete grand opening package to support restaurant launches through media relations, social media, event marketing and influencer outreach. Here are some of the tactics we employ to help new brands (or brands launching in new markets) hit the ground running.

  • Collaborate with client team to create a 90-day launch plan.
  • Create and execute a detailed timeline, check list and strategy for launch phase PR and social media customized to the specific needs of each location.
  • Create a launch news release template that can be shared with local media and refreshed for future openings.
  • Work to secure Instagram takeovers in conjunction with announcement of restaurant launches.
  • Craft and disseminate media alerts prior to opening events to inform and engage key media audiences.
  • Create and collaborate on events in support of grand opening or launch such as influencer / VIP nights, private dinners, community sampling initiatives, festival activations and partnerships with complementary community partners.
  • Create and manage social media ad campaigns to generate awareness of opening events and drive restaurant visits after launch.
  • Collaborate with client team on grand opening marketing ideas and consistently bring new ideas to best market to target audiences.

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