Our PR Process

Our approach to PR isn’t the same as it was a year ago. It isn’t even exactly the same as it was six month ago. Why? Simple: We see the value in combining both the time-tested methods in traditional public relations (which we’ve practiced over the past eight years) with the new world tactics of social media and digital marketing. This creates Thriveable opportunities with tangible ROI for the brands we serve.

To accomplish this, we combine the following five tactics:

Fish where the ‘fish’ are.

We believe there is no ‘typical’ client. Your audience is unique and requires individualized research and analysis. Where are your customers most likely to read, watch, and hear about you? We know where to look and we have the influencer relationships to get in front of those fish.

Leverage current relationships.

In bringing on a new public relations partner, it’s important that long-standing relationships with media or even the occasional piece of coverage are leveraged to their full potential. In combination with new influencer outreach we will cultivate past media relationships to make way for new opportunities.

Build rapport with key influencers.

We base our reputation on our relationships with the media. Regardless of your industry, we already have relevant relationships with key influencers. Our team is also excellent at influencer research, which means we have the tools, team, and process in place to build new relationships fast.

Create groundswell and work the waves.

When media relations is done right, there’s a magical moment where brands begin to witness groundswell. This phenomenon can be described as the seemingly organic pick up of media coverage that is a result of vested public relations efforts.

Measure, measure, MEASURE.

One of the things you will find in working with our team, is that we are constantly looking for ways to measure public relations efforts back to bottom-line results. This means, we not only provide you with regular, intuitive reporting systems but we’re always on the alert for better ways to tie media coverage back to ROI.

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