Case Study: Influencer Marketing Campaign for NYC Restaurant Group

restaurant influencer marketing campaign

The Situation:

Pepe’s Restaurant Group brought on the Belle Communications team to assist with spreading the word and raising sales for its five Manhattan-based restaurants through social media strategy, an influencer marketing campaign and a blog ambassador program. The Belle team worked closely with the owners to identify the unique qualities that would get the public excited about each of the individual restaurants.

restaurant influencer marketing campaign

The Tactics:

Immediately after starting with the Pepe’s team, the Belle team organized a professional photo shoot to update social media, Yelp and website photos. The team then developed a PR and social strategy, including an influencer campaign and blog ambassador program. Extensive research went into identifying the right influencers to reach out to, based on criteria such as type of content, follower count, target audience alignment and proximity to the restaurants.

The team also suggested and implemented an influencer progressive dinner to introduce key NYC influencers (with followings over 10,000) to four of the Pepe’s restaurants located near each other in the West Village.

The Results:

restaurant influencer marketing campaign

The Belle team secured twelve influencers to visit the restaurants in the first ten days of the campaign and had coverage up in the first week. Overall results from the six-month campaign were as follows:

  • 45 influencer visits
  • 4.5 million impressions
  • 66,500+ social interactions
  • Average engagement of 2,000+ per post

Additionally, the progressive dinner attracted 22 influencers, whose posts about the event generated 18,734 social interactions and had a total potential audience reach of 659,447.

restaurant influencer marketing campaign

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