Why Belle?

Isn’t it time you had the results and relationship you deserve from an agency partner?

Maybe this is your first time working with an agency or perhaps you’ve been burned before … We get it. Many people enter an agency relationship with high hopes and promises of great success only to receive lackluster results (or no results at all), poor communication and an overall feeling of mistrust. They get burned.

Our promise to you …

We’re here to set the record straight. When you work with our team, you can expect an abundance of the following:

    We promise media opportunities within the first 30 days* of working together. Why? Because we know that at the end of the day, a targeted media mention or feature story within a regional, industry or national publication can do amazing things for your brand. We also know that the results category is where most agency partners fall flat.*Why do we promise coverage opportunities in the first 30 days? Because that’s what we’ve achieved for every client we have worked with to date.
    Realistically, the marketing strategy outlined six months ago may not be applicable to your needs today. That’s why our team considers innovation a priority by recommending the latest resources, tools and strategies to move your brand forward on a continual basis. We’ll regularly provide you with insight on the competition, fresh ideas and opportunities for growth.
    You can expect to hear from us weekly and daily as your needs require. Need to hop on the phone to discuss a project? No problem. You will have a team specific to your account. And that CEO you originally spoke to before agreeing to partner together? Yeah, you get to talk to her too.
  • Promise fulfillment.
    We will work with you to outline goals that translate into lead generation and sales. Your marketing goals should tie directly back to your business goals and we know how to make that happen.
  • Transparency.
    We share weekly updates of progress tailored to your goals and have monthly, in-depth update meetings where we report back on progress, present fresh ideas and collaborate.

Don’t just take our word for it …

Here’s a note from one of our current, happy, thriving clients for whom we secured more than 48 regional and national media coverage opportunities within a 10-month period:

Verified Volunteers PR Agency Belle Communications

So are you ready to collaborate with our team?

Here are some indicators it’s time to start the conversation:

  • Your current marketing efforts feel disjointed and departments operate in silos, without regular collaboration and a cohesive marketing vision.
  • You’re hoping to think outside the box when creating a strategy for your marketing efforts that goes beyond reactive campaigns to that of proactive, brand building thought leadership.
  • You want to be kept in the loop and have an agency relationship that is more like a partnership than a standard AOR relationship.
  • You need measurable results, transparency and an implementable communication strategy with tactics like monthly media coverage and lead generation.
  • You recognize the need for strategic social media, digital marketing and public relations and need an agency partner you can trust to make smart decisions on your behalf to build brand ambassadors and elevate your brand.

You’ve done your research. Now it’s time to tell us about YOU. Visit our Contact page to get the conversation started.