#THRIVEable Friday: Improving Charisma, App Attacks and Gmail Updates

thriveable friday

March definitely came in like a lion, and this Friday is a sight for sore eyes! Team Belle is ready for the weekend after such a busy week, but we’re all so excited to have some amazing press and client opportunities in the works! I’m sure those will be mentioned in a later blog post, so let’s get down to business.

Given the high-stress, fast-moving work environment that so many of our fellow PR professionals share with us, we invite you to take a break from your email for some quick tips in entrepreneurship, the latest technology, and, of course, our favorite productivity links of the week!

Entrepreneurship…LIKE A BOSS.

Improve Your Charisma!

We work in a social environment…even if you’re lucky enough to work remotely like Team Belle, we still need to speak and meet with clients, the media, and even our own team every day. By nature, I’m an introvert, so my personality can be taken as off-standish, and I’m always looking for ways to fix that! Is there an app for that? This week, Inc. offered an article called 3 Mind Tricks to Improve Your Charisma. So, maybe not an app, but thinking about how I approach social environments as a way to improving charisma is definitely worth a shot!

Bogged Down By Apps?

New productivity apps are constantly popping up on the web and the app store. Everyone loves trying them out. Maybe this new app will cut your project time down by half. Maybe that app is the magical solution to your wandering mind this chilly Friday afternoon. Entrepreneur points out that all these apps may be slowing us down! Check out this article for some great tips on figuring out which apps are working for you, and which apps are slowly sucking your time. After all, deleting some apps will save some space on your phone for the awesome St. Patrick’s Day bar crawl you’re planning!

Tips and Tools to Empower Your Life

We <3 Gmail. Seriously, the number of add-ons, new apps, and ease of use makes our lives that much easier in the fields of marketing and PR. This week, a new update in the IOS app allows for interactive notifications on your home screen, but even more importantly, it now offers an easier way to send (and view!) attachments. Hallelujah! Sending attachments on the go has definitely been a challenge – especially this week while I’ve been traveling. Mashable explains more about the update here.

Links We Love

Have a great weekend!

– Tara + Team Belle

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