7 Reasons to Start a Blog Now

Corina Manea, founder of NutsPR, is today’s guest blogger. She’s a PR pro and self-proclaimed social media addict! Follow Corina on Twitter at @corinamanea.

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You’ve heard so many saying that blogging is dead. Now is the era of podcasting or Pinterest or whatever new social network is around the corner. But I beg to differ.

Look at the pros, the ones who’ve been blogging since the early ages of the Internet. They are definitely the confirmation that blogging, while it has changed over the years (what hasn’t?), is still a great resource for brand awareness, visibility, customer service and especially personal branding. It is not dead! On the contrary, it’s a fast and easy way to reach your customers and audience, so you and your brand can provide value through a not so rigid, yet corporate channel.

On a personal level, blogging can be a starting point for your career, a portfolio for future job opportunities and a networking tool to get your voice out there and help you build your credibility. In today’s post, I am going to focus on reasons to start a blog and what having a personal blog can do for you.

Why You Need To Start Your Own Blog

January 2013 was the moment I finally got the guts to take the words out of my head and put them on a blog. I decided to launch my own PR blog to share my thoughts, views and experiences. I was reading lots of blogs, but until that moment I never had the courage to write one. What was I going to say that hadn’t been said before? Nevertheless I went for it and haven’t stopped since. It’s been two amazing years and I can assure you I don’t know when the time has passed!

Blogging, like everything else, is a learned skill. Sure, you should enjoy writing, but besides that everything else can be learned. It’s difficult in the beginning, but it gets easier and more fun with every published post. You will learn how to write, how to nurture your inspiration, how to increase your traffic, to name only a few of the blogging benefits.

Yes, you might be afraid no one is going to read or comment on your articles (been there, done that), that you’re writing in vain and nobody will ever notice. However, despite your fears, keep going. Mark Schaefer has 10 reasons why you should persist.

There are countless reasons to start your own blog. Here are seven that I consider some of the most important:

7 Reasons to Start a Blog:

  • You hone your writing skills and learn how to put your thoughts and experiences out there so others can benefit from them.
  • With each published post you get better and better, gaining confidence and experience. After all, you have to research each subject you write about.
  • You share your opinion with the whole world, which forces you to take responsibility for your writing. Remember, your published articles stay on the web forever.
  • It’s about commitment. You commit to yourself and to others to write on a regular basis. Your readers expect to hear from you, which helps to hold you accountable.
  • You learn how to optimize your posts for search engines, how to write for the web and how to promote your work.
  • Personal Branding: with each published post you build your portfolio, brick by brick. You become an expert in your field and build credibility as a thought leader who holds influence within your industry.
  • Blogging is a networking tool that can help you make connections with people all over the world. It can bring you business or help you land your dream job.

Having your own blog, whether you are a PR professional or a recent graduate, is about connections. It’s partly about what you can do for others, how you can be of help – but it can also help you build the network you need to grow as a professional. It can get your foot in the door for a job interview, or allow you to meet established professionals you admire and open the door for future collaborations.

As with everything in life, if you pour your heart in it, it can only bring you joy. Of course, you have to work for it, but nothing that’s worthwhile comes without work. Plus, it’s fun!

Have other tips on why you should start a personal blog? I’d love to see them in the comments below.



Corina Manea is a freelance PR professional, writer and social media strategist, currently living in Madrid, Spain. Founder of NutsPR, she writes about her passions: public relations and social media.


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That was an interesting article. It was indeed a useful one. I have an idea to start a blog. I will definitely keep in mind the points which you have mentioned here. Thank You for the informative article.


I really enjoyed reading your article.  I am starting a blog and am half way through writing my first post.  Thank you for the positive inspiration and words of wisdom! :)