Toolkit Tuesday: 23 Ways to Effectively Use Evernote

ways to use evernote

Welcome to the second edition of Toolkit Tuesday! Today I want to talk to you about one of the tools I use throughout the day, every day, which is Evernote. Evernote is a content organization, quick reference tool that’s easily accessible on all of your mobile devices, and can help you remember everything.

Evernote allows you to quickly create task lists, clip web content, store bookmarks, organize notes and thoughts, brainstorm, snap and store photos, share ideas within a team, and so far I’ve found it only to be limited by my imagination. This tool loads quickly, and there isn’t much of a learning curve, which allows you to easily start using it. It’s also completely free!

Seamless Search and Evernote Business

One of my favorite features within Evernote is not just the ability to have everything in one place for quick reference — even though that’s awesome. My favorite feature is the ability to use the search bar to quickly find anything you have stored within Evertnote. Just type in a word and Evernote pulls any stored piece of content, notes, to-do lists or anywhere else the word appears. Talk about a time saver!

Speaking of search, the team at Evernote has expanded on its model from individual organization to group collaboration by recently launching Evernote Business. This new variation, allows you to seamlessly share your notes with teams of people. The big idea is to quickly allow for collaborative search and idea sharing within teams.

I heart Evernote so much, I want to share the top ways that I use it to stay organized on a daily basis. I was going to highlight a few ways to use this tool but since it’s July 23, why not share twenty-three ways to use Evernote instead …

23 Ways to Effectively Use Evernote

  1. Keep track of passwords
  2. Organize blog post ideas
  3. Create and track to do lists
  4. Keep daily schedules
  5. Save and share voice / audio recordings
  6. Capture and save screen shots of content and websites
  7. Organize new business leads
  8. Books to read
  9. Video (vlog) post ideas
  10. Budgets
  11. Timelines
  12. Shopping lists
  13. Shared task lists
  14. Bookmark and save links by topic
  15. Set reminders within notes
  16. E-book and webinar storage
  17. Snap, share and save photos of … everything!
  18. Project research
  19. Business card organization
  20. Brainstorm session notes
  21. Business plans
  22. Quick reference guides at meetings, events and networking opportunities
  23. Share any of your notes on social media, email them to a friend or coworker

The one thing I would change about Evernote so far is the ability to have task items easily move from one list to another. It would also be great to have completed tasks disappear or move to a completed list once tasks are checked off. Color coding items would be nice too. Because Evernote doesn’t have those features, I use Producteev for my task lists but as far as keeping track of content, passwords and the above mentioned list, Evernote is ideal.

Do you use Evernote? What are some other ways to use this tool?

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